What is Creditor Data Platform?

Creditor Data Platform is a decentralized personal data marketplace. Our goal is to make data processing and data exchange fair and accessible for everyone. We grant individuals an opportunity to receive a financial reward for the provision of their personal information. Businesses have a possibility to buy 100% authentic databases and run their company without any losses caused by poor data flow.

Who Created Creditor Data Platform?

Creditor.ai was created in March 2017 by Viktor Ihnatiuk and Yehor Butko. At first, the project was functioning as a marketplace for denied loan applications. But later, with the development of the world, technologies and international legislation, they decided to change the essence of a project and grant people with a fair data usage. That is how Creditor.ai evolved into Creditor Data Platform.
  • Viktor Ihnatiuk , CEO of Creditor Data Platform is a fintech and crypto-enthusiast with considerable experience in Blockchain sphere. He was a CEO of such companies, as Boxdrive and Taplend. Besides being a CEO of a revolutionary data platform, he is a Manager Product Developer in Storj Labs, t ogether with all other team members of Creditor Data Platform.
  • Yehor Butko, CTO of Creditor Data Platform, has a significant experience in development. He served as Tech Lead for Luxoft and Global Logic companies. Currently he is also a tech lead for Storj Labs Product Development.
These two people are running a Platform, which is aimed to revolutionize Data Processing and Data Exchange. Strong leadership leads to strong results!

Who Can Benefit From The Use Of Creditor Data Platform?

Actually, everyone. The main purpose of Creditor Data Platform is to show, that EVERYBODY can enjoy data usage that we all deserve.
  • Data Owners (e.g. each and every human on the planet) can sell their data directly to companies and receive a financial reward for it. What is more important, is that our Platform is GDPR-compliant and it allows people to allow or deny their data usage and track its movement.
  • Data Buyers(e.g. companies, non-profits, marketing agencies, businesses, banks, healthcare institutions etc.) can buy AUTHENTIC databases of information with the direct consent of people. As a result, companies have no unexpected losses from poor data and they can enjoy legal and effective client acquisition.
  • Data Verifiersare the people, who are in charge of Data Verification process. They receive payments for each and every piece of verified information.
These two people are running a Platform, which is aimed to revolutionize Data Processing and Data Exchange. Strong leadership leads to strong results!

What Are CDPT Tokens?

Creditor Data Platform Token (CDPT) is a payment and remuneration unit of our Platform. Every user of the Platform, be it Data Verifier, Data Owner or Data Buyer, needs to have CDPT-tokens in order to make use of the Platform and receive all the benefits.

Is Creditor Data Platform GDPR-compliant?

Creditor Data Platform operates in full compliance with GDPR provisions. For more information, check our Privacy Policy.

How It Works For Data Owners?

Data Owner (e.g. you) can upload all information you wish to Creditor Data Platform app. You can add your name, surname, place of birth, insurance number, ID, passport, fitness trackers data etc. After information you uploaded was verified, you receive some amount of CDPT-tokens. When your data fits the needs of some Data Buyer, you receive a notification, that some company wants to buy and use your data. In accordance with GDPR provisions, you are able to allow or decline such data usage. When your data is bought by someone and you allowed it, you also receive a reward.

How It Works For Data Buyers?

Let’s imagine, that you are a company, which needs to acquire clients. You leave a request on our data marketplace with all requirements for a target group. People who fit your target group receive a proper notification and decide, whether to share their information with you or not. After database was collected, you receive it and can enjoy your authentic database with actual information for successful development of your business!

How It Works For Data Verifiers?

If you are a person, who has some strong experience in Data Processing/Data Verification, you can be a Data Verifier on our platform. For more detailed information about how to become a Data Verifier on Creditor Data Platform, contact us at info@creditor.ai

Do You Have An MVP?

Sure. Creditor is operating for more than a year as a marketplace for rejected loan applications. Currently, 8 US financial institutions are our active clients. Check our MVP: https://lend.creditor.ai/?lang=en

Do You Have An Active Token Sale?

Currently, we are on a stage of Private Sale of CDPT-tokens. If you feel, that you want to invest to the future of data, contact us at info@creditor.ai or press the button “Invest now” on the top of our page and join our whitelist.

IMPORTANT: Legal restrictions apply to the residents of the United States of America, Singapore and China. Due to the adopted rules and regulations, the users from these states cannot participate in certain activities of Creditor Data Platform. For more information, please, contact us via info@creditor.ai.