Decentralized personal data marketplace

from founders of Taplend

Realize your value: receive a reward for your personal data. Claim your ownership and exchange actual data using our decentralized platform — fair solution for using your information

We know, that you are precious. That is why we offer data usage you really deserve

Earn tokens for your data

Global social media make billions on our personal information. It is time to claim your rights back!

Exchange actual information

Return this world an informational justice. Provide us with real information and verify others

Use innovative blockchain storage

Our decentralized platform ensures security and fair exchange of data using smart-contracts

Why us

Working with us, you receive:

Ownership of your own data

Decentralized and secured data storage, powered by

Reward for your info in our Creditor Data Platform Tokens (CDPT)

Access to verified information from all over the world

Innovative verification system

Savings on client acquisition

Possibility to monitor and track companies, which want to purchase your data

Informational justice

Why do we need to revolutionize personal data flow and usage?

Poor data can cost businesses 20%–35% of their operating revenue

That is why it is of highest importance to verify the information before it comes to data purchasers

It becomes harder and harder to store and use your information safely

Luckily, we have a  blockchain-based solution for this issue — our innovative algorithm of data storage and exchange is designed specifically to protect your data from every possible hack or failure

Some major companies have business models underlined by the use of personal data

As a result, they receive a profit for each and every customers’ information, while you don’t. It’s time to stop it and realize your real value!

According to estimates, the volume of business data worldwide, across all companies, doubles every 1.2 years

That is why it is necessary to store it orderly — and we are happy to help you with that!

How it works

Data owner is a direct owner of information, who decided to claim the right to fairly possess and use personal information. You can connect your devices, gadgets, fitness trackers etc and receive your CDPT-reward for each and every use of your data.

Lead generators are companies, websites, commercial agencies, social networks, media etc, who possess big databases of individual data and want to monetize it. If the information is considered as actual, people, whose data are in these databases will receive a notification, asking whether person gives consent to such use of personal data or not.

Data verifier is a person, who checks information provided by our clients for authenticity, manually and through our innovative algorithm. For each person checked, data verifier receives a CDPT-reward.

Data purchaser is a client of our platform, who want to buy personal information of specific target group for commercial, research or any other purposes. Such type of users include commercial banks, credit organizations, marketing agencies etc.

Creditor Data Platform Foundation is a core mechanism of a whole ecosystem, which develops software for its proper functioning and connects all users of our platform. is a decentralized cloud storage, which keeps your information in total security.

Data owner

Lead generators

Data purchsers

Data verifiers



Join the revolution!

Claim your right to own actual information!

Our team

Viktor Ihnatiuk

Chief Executive Officer,

Ehor Butko

Chief Technical Officer,

Yaroslav Vorobiov

Vice President of Engineering

Iryna Dockuchaeva

PR manager

Anna Matyaszek

Community Manager

Eugene Reznik

Chief Design Officer

Ulyana Semenova

Senior Content Strategist

Our advisers

Zoltan Szalas

Advising CMO

Matt Schaffnit

Advising CBDO

Our investors

Our partners

Our users

Press About Us

Our events

Fintech Ukraine 2017 Conference (Kiev, Ukraine)

1st November 2017

Announcement of

Starta Accelerator Demo Day (New York, US)

Announcement of

Bank Innovation 2018 Conference (San Francisco, US)

4-5th March 2018

Announcement of Creditor Data Platform

CHAIN (China America Innovation Network) pitching event  (Mountain View, US)

Pitch to group of chinese VC and crypto investors

Blockchain Conference Astana (Astana, Kazakhstan)

14th June 2018

How Creditor Platform can be a useful feature to deal with personal data in the era of GDPR

Ernst&Yong Pitch Day (Lisbon, Portugal)

9th April 2018

Presenting Creditor Data Platform to EY Board of Directors

Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies & The New Era of The Digital Economy (Lisbon, Portugal)

17th April 2018

Residents of the United States, Singapore and China can’t participate in the Creditor Data Platform tokens distribution because of the laws. You can participate in the Creditor Data Platform ICO if you are neither a U.S. and Singapore citizen or permanent resident of the United States or Singapore, nor have a primary residence or domicile in the Singapore and the United States, including Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and any other territories of the United States.

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Claim your right to own actual information!

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